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Testimonials are one of the most important things you can put on your website, but no one (myself included) wants to ask clients for them. If you’d like some help with creating some video testimonials for your site, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you out with video advertising!

Meanwhile, here’s a few things some of our clients had to say about our professional video production company…

  • Music Video Production

    Dear Brian & Dave - Thanks again for another great shoot! Ken and I both felt everything went really well in Atlanta…
    We always enjoy our time with you - creativity and conversation at its best! So glad you are on our team for this project.

    B&K, Directors, “I Married the War” and “Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor”
  • Music Video Production

    Thank you so much Brian (the videos) are awesome! I would like to express my gratitude for all of your patience and understanding with our brand. Thank you for all of your hard work and time you put into the project! We are very happy with it! 😊

    MU, YMCA of Springfield
  • Music Video Production

    You have a new and loyal friends with TimeZoneOne.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.

    TG, TimeZoneOne, Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism
  • Music Video Production

    You do great work! Everything flows really well and I like the message.  You did a wonderful job capturing the essence of what we do.

    CM, Body Symmetry
  • Music Video Production

    I am not lying when I say I choked up at the end. It is so darn witty, fun, I love the pop-ups — this is an AMAZING VIDEO!! I’m not sure ANYONE else would have taken this tact which is so perfect and fun.  THANK YOU I CANNOT WAIT to share it!!

    LS, Downtown Springfield, Inc
  • Music Video Production

    I am so happy with the videos!  They look incredible and sound good to boot. Thanks so much. I’m sure there will be more accolades coming your way on these, but I just wanted you to know my thoughts!

    DA, Benedictine College
  • Music Video Production

    OMG I have goosebumps!!! Great job!!!!

    CS, American Heart Association
  • Music Video Production

    Thanks!  It’s a great comfort to me to know how well you do your job—it makes this all so much less anxiety inducing.  Everyone has really liked it. Karen is so easy to work with—not to mention skilled!

    MK, University of Illinois-Springfield
  • Music Video Production

    This is the MOST AWESOME video yet!!!!! Love the music, love the story clips, love the text and “swoosh” used that matches the signage…love it! Love it! Love it!!!!!!

    DH, Illinois State Dental Society
  • Music Video Production

    The video was beautifully done.  I like how you wove in excerpts of the interviews.  And the tone was perfect.  Thanks so much.

    BH, The Ounce
  • Music Video Production

    You and your staff did such a wonderful job (particularly under the last minute time constraints) on this project, that we wanted to thank you for your efforts.  If we have another project, we will most definitely call on Crowdson Creative!

    DS & DC
  • Music Video Production

    The video looks amazing! Great work!

    JS, Illinois Women in Leadership
  • Music Video Production

    You guys were wonderful.  Karen was so good to work with…  You guys are the best!

    CD, Simmons Cancer Institute
  • Music Video Production

    Thanks very much for your GREAT work on our Christmas spot. It looks great and captures the spirit of what I wanted, exactly!

    TC, The Blind Man, Inc.
  • Music Video Production

    Karen has done a WONDERFUL job editing this video and has been a pleasure to work with!!

    KK, Energy Education Council